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"The Brighton Speed Trials is thought to be the oldest running motor race. The first race was held in July 1905 after Sir Harry Preston persuaded Brighton town council to tarmac the surface of the road adjacent to the beach between the Palace Pier and Black Rock in order to hold motor racing events. This stretch was renamed Madeira Drive in 1909 and the event is still held there, normally on the second Saturday of September each year. The event is currently run as a quarter mile sprint for both cars and motorcycles is organised by the Brighton and Hove Motor Club.


If anyone could provide me with scan of the results for 1960, 1961 & 1967 I would be most grateful. Please contact me at: pierre@lequeux.org


Speed Trials 2080 PO Participated to:


Brighton Speed Trials Class Driver Number Time/Rank Engine Programme
1960 Class 1  Sports Cars up to 2000cc C L R Page  # 21   948 CC Cover   Entry
1961 Class 4 C L R Page # 161   948 CC Cover   Entry
1964 Class 5 Sports / GT 1100 L N Starley # 70 31.01 2nd
1098 CC Cover   Entry
1966 Class 6Sports/ GT 1100 C J Starley #114 32.83s-32.51s @ 95 mph 4th
1098 CC Cover   Entry  Cover Time
1967 Class 1 (B&HMC handicap) C J Starley #23 33.09 19th on handicap 1098CC Cover   Entry
1967 Class 6 C J Starley #114   1098CC Cover   Entry


2080 PO , The new Chapter

This Saturday 2nd of June 2012  the postman brought great news. The car has been accepted for next September Brighton Speed Trials after a pause of some 45 years. Hopefully the start of a new series for 2080 PO. Now Andrew at Archers just has to finish the car in time...no pressure...


Brighton Speed Trials Class Driver Number Time/Rank Engine Pictures
2012 Handicap P. Lequeux  # 19 22/07/12 , bad news  the car won't be ready ready in time .. :( ...but good news as they have accepted that I use my other car 257 UXU.

What a great day it was. The whole 43BHP of UXU did not quite cut the mustard but what a great fun...

Practice : 21.41"  1st timed run: 21.42" ... that is what I call consistency...anyhow still better than what a standard frogeye was expected to do for a standing 1/4 mile : 22.80"
 948 CC 



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