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The best site ever on all you wanted to know about Sebring sprites


Archers Garage , where my car is currently being restored

PETER MAY Engineering

Excellent one stop shop for all you need to beef up your sprite

HARDY Engineering

Where to go when you need a straight cut gearbox...
The Healey Museum

The Healey Museum takes you on a journey through time in which the automobile technical ingenuity flourished and came to growth. An exponent of this period was a man with an outspoken passion for technique: Donald Mitchell Healey. He designed and produced progressive, sports cars and boats. These Healey’s, their history and special stories will be on display in a modern setting using up-to-date interactive media.

Motor Racing Programme Covers

Since 1999 this site has strived to form an ultimate collection of motor racing programme covers, scanned from official race day programmes. Whether your interests lie with art/design, history, or motor racing, you will be fascinated by the wide array of covers on show.

MARQUE ONE The labour of love of Ray English which I long for every quarter.... If you are serious about sprite you have to subscribe to this review. It provides the reader with an invaluable source of information which quarter after quarter carry on surprising me.  Unfortunately Ray has not as of yet a website so the only way to subscribe to the review is to contact him directly at the following email:

 It is worth mentioning also that Ray send also other information when you subscribe such as a very entertaining CD of the RAC in 1960. Also last but not least Ray is the keeper of the "Sprite Room" an extensive  museum about Sprites, so if you are after some specific information it is worth getting in touch with the "sprite guru".


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